Environmental -- 2013

SIP/FIP Advocacy Group v. EPA   (D.C. Circuit)

Challenging EPA's disapproval of Texas SIP because of greenhouse gases

The NAM is part of the SIP/FIP Advocacy Group, which comprises various national trade associations challenging EPA's efforts to require states to implement its greenhouse gas stationary source regulatory requirements. This suit is in response to EPA's decision, published May 3, 2011, partially disapproving Texas' implementation plan for regulating pollution. EPA rejected part of the Texas plan because it did not address how it would apply to pollutants that become "subject to regulation" in the future, such as greenhouse gases. Because it rejected the Texas plan, EPA moved to implement federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in Texas.

The State of Texas and other parties also filed suit against EPA, and our case has been consolidated with those. For further action in this case, click here.

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