OSHA -- 2017

North America's Bldg. Trades Unions v. OSHA   (D.C. Circuit)

Challenging OSHA's Silica Rule

The NAM intervened in a challenge a new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) crystalline silica rule, which imposed crushing regulatory burdens on manufacturers. The new rule cut the current permissible crystalline silica exposure limit in half and required employers to implement costly engineering controls. The NAM has members in each of the 24 manufacturing industry subsectors that are affected by the rule. The NAM intervened against OSHA but sought to work with OSHA to make this a feasible, effective rule with a clear justification based on reliable, current data. The NAM argued that the rule relies on out-of-date economic data and drastically underestimated the costs that will be inflicted on manufacturers and the entire economy. Unfortunately, the court upheld OSHA’s new silica regulation, leaving the industry to bear the draconian burden of compliance.

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