Labor Law -- 2015

In re Constellation Brands   (NLRB)

Unlawful application of bargaining unit determination

The NAM filed a letter with the National Labor Relations Board affirming support for Constellation Brands. The NAM’s letter asserted that the Regional Director ignored important factors which influenced unit determinations including the departmental lines drawn by Constellation. NAM members have a vital interest in the Board’s application of Specialty Healthcare in the manufacturing setting. The standard for bargaining-unit determinations applied by the Regional Director in this case, which is an inaccurate application of the already unlawful standard established by the Board in Specialty Healthcare is problematic in all industries covered by the National Labor Relations Act (“Act” or “NLRA”), 29 U.S.C. §§ 151-169 including manufacturing. The NAM letter further asked that the Board grant Constellation’s Request for Review and invite NAM and other interested parties to brief these issues as they relate to manufacturing/production facilities.

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