Government Regulation -- 2018

Public Citizen, Inc. v. Trump   (D.D.C.)

Standing to challenge Exec. Order on 2-for-1 regulatory relief

The NAM filed an amicus brief supporting President Trump’s Executive Order 13771, which begin the process of making government regulation more efficient by requiring, with certain exceptions, government agencies to repeal two outdated or ineffective regulations for every new regulation. The executive order focused on low-yield regulations that fail to provide sufficient societal benefits when compared to their compliance costs. Public Citizen filed a lawsuit claiming that the order was arbitrary. Federal regulations impose 297,696 separate restrictions on manufacturers’ operations and cost an average of $19,564 per employee. The NAM's brief emphasized the importance of making the regulatory system efficient and described the way the order was an extension of a bipartisan history of executive orders with the same goals. The brief also highlighted important recent successes in similar regulatory budgeting efforts in the United Kingdom and Canada. For example, in its first two years, the UK’s “one-in, one-out” policy in 2011 reduced annual net costs to business by nearly £1 billion without causing significant economic, environmental or public health impacts. The court dismissed the challenge on standing grounds, which is a win for regulatory reform.

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