Free Speech -- 2018

In re Murphy-Brown LLC   (4th Circuit)

Gag order restraints on free speech

On August 6, 2018, the NAM filed an amicus brief along with our North Carolina state partner in a petition to the 4th Circuit opposing an unjustified judicial gag order that limits constitutionally-protected free speech rights. A district court judge issued the gag order, without prompting by either party, to restrain speech on an ongoing line of cases against pork producers in North Carolina, which has resulted in some of the largest verdicts in state history. The NAM and its members are frequently in litigation that attracts media attention and need to rely on attorneys and communications teams to provide accurate information and advocacy to the press and the public. The NAM filed an amicus brief in this case to underscore the First Amendment and practical harms of the district court’s sweeping gag order on manufacturers. On September 5, 2018, the district court vacated its gag order.

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