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Bahamas Surgery Center, LLC v. Kimberly-Clark Corp.   (9th Circuit)

Excessive punitive damages

The NAM filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to reverse the lower court’s decision awarding a judgment of more than $20 million in punitive damages—a 5:1 ratio of punitive to compensatory damages—with no explanation and in a case with only economic harm, no physical harm. The lower court awarded plaintiffs compensatory awards totaling more than $4 million against Kimberly-Clark and added the excessive punitive damages, ignoring constitutional limits and U.S. Supreme Court precedent that generally limits the ratio to 1:1. Excessive punitive damages unjustly punish manufacturers and discourage efficient settlement of cases, especially where, as in this case, no physical harm occurred. The NAM’s brief explains why punitive damages exceeding a 1:1 ratio are inconsistent with constitutional due process and excessive when the harm is purely economic in nature.

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