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Center For Biological Diversity v. EPA   (5th Circuit)

Protecting offshore energy development

The NAM filed an amicus brief opposing environmental groups' efforts to invalidate a critical Clean Water Act permit for offshore oil and natural gas development. The case involves EPA's reissuance of a regional general permit under the Clean Water Act that authorizes certain pollutant discharges from offshore oil and natural gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. EPA's environmental review in support of that permit adopted a recent environmental analysis of the Gulf of Mexico by another federal agency. The plaintiffs argue that federal law required EPA to perform a separate and redundant environmental review. If their argument prevails, EPA would be required to undertake time-consuming environmental reviews for a range of new energy infrastructure projects and any other economic activity that could impact the environment. Those delays would in turn delay new projects. In support of the defendant EPA, the NAM filed an amicus brief that highlights the importance of oil and natural gas development to the national economy and energy security and argues that EPA's adoption of the related environmental review is lawful, appropriate, and consistent with past practice.

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