Environmental -- 2016

American Petroleum Institute v. EPA   (D.C. Circuit)

Challenging EPA greenhouse gas regulation (tailoring Step 3)

The NAM and other organizations filed another petition to review an EPA action that is part of its suite of regulations of greenhouse gases from stationary sources. One of our initial suits in this series challenged the EPA's effort to interpret its authority with its Tailoring Rule -- tailoring the impact of the rule to only hit the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. That rule was necessary to prevent absurd consequences from the EPA's earlier interpretations of its authority. The NAM has argued that EPA could have adopted a more reasonable interpretation of its power so as to avoid the absurdities it is now trying to ameliorate. This latest rule (the Tailoring Step 3 rule) was issued on July 12, 2012. The case has been held in abeyance while EPA and other parties sort out the requirements laid down by the Supreme Court in UARG v. EPA.

The parties voluntarily dismissed this case in February 2016.


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